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IGGY AZALEA STARIGGY AZALEA MTV BULLDOGOur friend singer Iggy Azalea's Shrinkabull puppy JELLI (aka "Shrinkabull's Jam Don't Shake Like That Jelli") had an appearance on MTV's "House of Style". Please watch & support Iggy Azalea's Shrinkbully puppy JELLI. Here are JELLI's fan page on Twitter! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT :)

Welcome to Shrink-A-Bull English Bulldogs & French Bulldogs, coined as the cutest Bulldog breed in the world! Our web site was created to help educate animal lovers around the world about the wonderful English Bulldog breed, rare colored black tri, blue English Bulldogs & French bulldogs. Our family consists of multiple generations of true bulldog lovers. Bulldogs just make us happy :) I feel a bulldog could make just about anyone happy. Our goal is to let our bullie kids do their job and make you smile when you visit them on our site! We breed pure bred English Bulldogs & pure bred French Bulldogs on the small side. We do not mix breeds! Please see: About Minis.

Shrinkabull's Blue Merle Miniature English Bulldog PuppyWe are the proud home of: "INT CH SHRINKABULL ACE IN THE HOLE B.Y.BLUES AKC C.G.C." (CLICK HERE) Ace is the only rare tri color english bulldog in the world to achieve a real AKC / FCI type Championship, "REESE" aka "LIMITED EDITION DARK CHOCOLATE REESE" (CLICK HERE), the first known dark chocolate tri color male English Bulldog in the world, Blue Moon aka "ONCE IN A BLUE MOON" (CLICK HERE) is the ONLY blue tri color male French Bulldog in the world as of 2011, "Titan" aka"SHRINKABULL TITAN OF TROIX" (CLICK HERE) one of the most famous Hollywood celebrity bulldogs who ever lived and "Winston Jonas" aka "SHRINKABULL SIR WINSTON JOHAN JONAS" (CLICK HERE) now owned by Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers :)

Please navigate our site to meet our one-of-a-kind bullie kids! We are a family breeder. Our dogs live as loved family pets. Every litter we have is hand raised from birth and never left alone. Many of our English bulldog puppies have went on to celebrity and showbiz families, such as famous singers, producers, models, American Idol actors, actresses and celebrity athletes. Several of our bulldogs are now Hollywood celebrity magazine mascots. Many of our english & french bulldogs do acting, modeling & therapy work themselves :) They make great therapy dogs as they LOVE meeting people and they make everyone smile :) However this is just a beloved hobby that we have a passion for. Most of our french & english bulldog puppies go to loving pet homes to sleep on someone's couch & be cherished by their families. Our Bulldog puppies make the best child you could ever bring into your family, always ready to give you love & they never let you down :) (About Us).

Please bookmark our site as you will find information on almost every bulldog topic you will need to know about English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs & rare color bulldogs. We are always adding more information :) We have tons of pictures of our bulldogs to share with you. Below see videos & pictures of our some of our bulldogs (keep scrolling many photos)!

Video below of our " Shrinkabull Titan Of Troix" on his photo shoot with actress ANALEIGH TIPTON after the GREEN HORNET movie premiere! CLICK for more about Titan.

Video below of our bullie baby "Titan" on his photo shoot with hollywood actress SHAY MITCHELL from NBC hit TV show Pretty Little Liars! CLICK for more about Titan

Ace Blue bulldog blue english bulldog blue eyes

Blue english bulldog pictures. Blue bulldog puppies for sale pictures. blue tri AKC bulldog photos. Blue english bulldogs with blue eyes. Blue bulldog puppies pictures. Joe Jonas puppy Winston Blue english bulldog puppies photos. Ace In The Hole is a beautiful blue bulldog puppy. Blue english bulldog with blue eyes.

blue english bulldog Joe Jonas Winston

Blue english bulldog pictures. Blue bulldog puppies pictures. More blue tri bulldog photos. Blue bulldog with blue eyes. Blue bulldog pictures. Joe Jonas puppy Winston is Blue english bulldog puppies pictures. Also Joe Jonas blue tri bulldog pictures of Winston. Blue bulldog with blue eyes.Blue english bulldog pictures. Blue bulldog puppies pictures. More blue tri bulldog photos. Blue bulldog with blue eyes. Blue bulldog pictures. Joe Jonas puppy Winston is Blue english bulldog puppies pictures. Also Joe Jonas blue tri bulldog pictures of Winston. Blue bulldog with blue eyes.

blue bulldog images Joe Jonas Winston

Rare blue English Bulldog with Blue eyes

english bulldog puppies

mini english bulldogMini English Bulldog puppies for sale

English Bulldog pictures & miniature English bulldog pictures.

Mini Bulldog puppies

Please see English Bulldog pictures, miniature English bulldog pictures, mini English Bulldog pictures.



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